Manage all your training, learning & qualification processes in one comprehensive platform

Ensure training quality exceeds the required standards, retain satisfied customers and grow your business. Take advantage of new opportunities by being able to respond quickly to market changes & customer requirements.

No matter what the type of training offered, Fox has been proven to cater to training operations both big and small.

Competitive Edge

Boost your competitive edge with Fox’s optimization and scheduling engines. Quickly respond to training requests and sales opportunities. Enable self-service for customer registrations. Maximize your resource utilization and capacity. Increase revenue with the ability to sell more courses and individual seats.


Your customers each have unique training requirements. Fox allows you to easily manage your course catalog with different curriculum per customer, so you can offer a customized training program designed to meet their specific needs.

Quality of Service

Fox provides your customers with access to their training information, check training opportunities and resource availability, track course progress and trainee development. Record-keeping, reporting and analytic tools provide them with historical and up-to-date data. Your customers will notice the difference!

For Your Instructors

Qualification Management

Monitor instructor qualifications to ensure currency. Forecast training requirements and send alerts to ensure your staff stays qualified and proficient.

Quality of Life

Fox’s long-term and monthly planning capabilities ensure workload balancing and quality of life. Instructor preferences are taken into account during scheduling to improve satisfaction levels and reduce churn. Fox also includes a personal development module to help set longer-term goals.

For Your Trainees

Personalized Training Experience

With Fox, trainees stay focused with their own personalized training portals. They can access their training schedule, learning materials and online tasks – as well as review performance progress and test results.

Monitor Trainee Progress

Track trainee progress through your pre-defined task objective checklists. Generate tests and grade trainees on and offline from a smartphone or tablet.

For Your Business

Maximize Revenue

Sell course seats, as opposed to entire courses, by automatically identifying and publishing empty seat slots while simultaneously collecting requests for future training. This not only boosts sales by selling otherwise empty training seats, it enhances your training manager planning ability.

Scheduling & Planning Optimization

Let Fox’s optimization engines take the strain. Automate complex scheduling processes, reducing hours of work into a few simple clicks. Fox will provide several scheduling options based on pre-defined KPIs.

Organizational Flexibility

Gain organizational flexibility as Fox enables you to increase training capacity while cutting costs. Make more efficient use of internal and external resources, such as simulators and instructors.

Boost Capacity

Increase your training capacity through more efficient resource management. With easily accessible data, and accurate scheduling and forecasting, sales can see which airplanes and trainers are available and quickly respond to any ad-hoc training or aircraft rental opportunities. Increase revenue without increasing operating costs. Boost your competitive edge.

Digital Recordkeeping

All data for trainees and instructors is saved in personal records. These can be exported and printed in defined templates. Records can be stored for any required time period.

Ongoing Performance Improvement

Gain deeper business insight to facilitate decision-making and improve training quality, resulting in an optimized training program that continuously self-validates for ongoing performance improvement.

Training & Curriculum Design

Systemize training curricula through objective/task analysis


Optimize planning for increased training throughput

Request Management

Rapidly transform training requests into executable training


Simplify courseware development and delivery

Scheduling & Resource

Simplify complex scheduling processes & optimize schedules

Qualification & Certification

Manage the complete lifecycle of qualification training


Streamline instructor & crew qualification management

Reports & Analytics

Enhance operational monitoring, control & decision-making

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