Improving the Mobile Experience with ‎Release 8.26‎

Fox in Release 8.26 Fox’s evaluation app efficiently captures and evaluates indoor and outdoor training, simulations and other graded performance metrics for the analysis of individual and group-based training, and the issuance of professional certifications and qualifications. Since Fox users need a more responsive experience on their mobile devices, we’ve enhanced Fox in Release 8.26. […]

TQMS – Why it’s Great for Your Organization

Tracking Qualifications in Safety Critical Industries In Healthcare, physicians, nurses, pharmacists and paramedical staff must be certified by the relevant medical association (national, state, etc.) before they can begin to practice. Health authority inspections include check of appropriate documentation for all of the workers’ qualifications. License renewals depend upon the profession, as an example, let’s take […]

Improving Adoption of Software Solutions

New Release Updates Sharing new features and fixes with the customer, and obtaining their feedback on how they are using the new capabilities is a way to create dialogue and to find out if product updates are meeting their needs. Demonstrating the ins and outs of new features helps to ensure that the features will […]

The Art of Creating a Strategic Customer Success Plan

Determining who the Users are   The first step is in reverse – taking a step back, to get into the user’s shoes and look at the process from their side. Questions to ask are along the lines of ‘who’ and ‘how’:   Who will be using the platform:    How many users?  What roles do the users have – are they managerial or staff, and do many of the users have the […]

TMS, LMS, CMS, RMS – What’s in those Acronyms?

Learning Management Systems This one is fairly straightforward – an LMS manages and delivers all types of content, including courses, video, and documents. It is designed to manage knowledge in an organization according to the organization’s training strategy and goals. Most LMSs offer capabilities such as inline content creation, and reporting and tracking of content […]

Obtaining Situational Awareness

Perceptions and Projections Ideally the decision maker has a ‘helicopter view’ of the overall picture. With an accurate comprehension of the current environment, knowing how the situation is likely to evolve enables solid projections. The ability to ascertain and process the given information, and then to reach the best decision, is based partially on natural […]

Achieving Regulatory Compliance with Automated Reporting

Getting the Timing Right Most organizations that enforce regulatory compliance require specific reports at precise intervals. All of us are familiar with ‘tax time’ when annual income tax forms must be submitted. Banks, insurance companies and related organizations have to submit to audits on a regular basis, and other reports to comply with financial regulations. […]