The Fox Training Management System Goes Live at IDF

February 23, 2016, Tel Aviv, Israel   Britannica Knowledge Systems (Britannica) has completed a significant milestone in a major project to configure and deliver the Fox training management system to the entire Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Following the win of the substantial tender to provide a holistic training management system to the IDF, the project is in full force and Fox is now in “Go Live” status.

The Go Live, which commenced with an incremental rollout that will result in complete deployment to all IDF branches by the end of 2016, was delivered on-time in less than 12 months under an exceptionally demanding schedule. A single, comprehensive instance of the Fox system was configured to integrate and standardize training management across the entire IDF, as well as to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) in opposition to the cost of supporting multiple systems.

According to Colonel Saar Harazi, head of the IT Division of the IDF’s central training campus in the Negev, Fox was adopted to accomplish the three main goals of budget reduction (as a result of more efficient resource utilization), accessibility, and IDF methodology and doctrine standardization.[1]

He explained that Fox will allow the IDF to monitor soldier learning processes. The system will also enable training needs management throughout a soldier’s entire military service, from initial training through reserve duty.

“The main idea was to introduce a single and complete system for the entire IDF. One of the objectives was to conduct the IDF’s complex training orchestra,” said Col. Harazi “Another objective was to improve the effectiveness of training and learning and the process of training management. Fox accommodates a unified view of the trainees and their unique training path.  The system is intuitive and easy-to-use. It allows a reduction of costs by decreasing staff and relevant resources, and it integrates into the military’s multi-year plan.”

The system is now serving trainees, instructors and commanders at six training bases: IT, Military Police, Engineering, Combat Intelligence Gathering, the Air Force, and the Navy.  The management areas include training planning; scheduling; human/physical resource allocation; lodging and catering coordination; qualifications, learning and course management; training evaluation and knowledge assessment; personal recordkeeping; and training analysis and control.

“Britannica led a demanding and unique process to unify the IDF’s various operations and training center requests,” said Miki Ringelhim, Britannica’s VP of Business Development.  “Our team worked diligently to consolidate complex requirements among a multitude of units and technical groups in order to provide a viable, optimized solution that will support the IDF’s ability to meet its vital mission.

[1] Harazi interview translated from the original Hebrew, published in People & Computers.