Ryanair Selects Fox to Manage Inflight Training ‎

Chicago, USA January 05, 2022 — Ryanair DAC, part of Ryanair Holdings plc, Europe’s largest airline group, has selected the Fox Learning and Training Management SaaS by Britannica Knowledge Systems to manage their inflight learning and training.

“Ryanair, with a team of over 19,000 aviation professionals, has complex learning and compliance standards to uphold. Fox will enable the airlines to consolidate and centralize their training operations, and accelerate learning efficacy” said Miki Ringelhim, VP Sales at Britannica. “Fox’s cutting-edge technology will assure continuous training quality improvement at scale, similar to our achievements with other large training operations, including American Airlines, ANA, Boeing, and United Airlines, among others.”

Ryanair landing at Riga international Airport. Close up demonstrates how massive and gorgeous this aircraft it.Fox will be deployed in a SaaS model, and will manage Ryanair’s inflight training, and enhance qualification training, management and compliance, training tracking, and performance evaluation. Fox’s advanced reports and analytics will provide valuable insights that improve qualification management and ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements.

Originally published by the Halldale Group.