Fox’s New Capabilities to be Revealed at APATS in Singapore

16th Asia Pacific Airline Training Summit (APATS) Singapore, September 3, 2019  Britannica Knowledge Systems is featuring new Fox Training Management System capabilities in self-service show demos at this year’s APATS in Singapore. Attendees will be able to simulate their training management tasks on mobile devices to see for themselves how the intuitive, user friendly Fox system can improve their organizational process efficiency.

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The new capabilities are products of Britannica’s recently launched “Fox-for-All” approach, which combines dedicated industry segmented solutions, new user-friendly experience, cost-efficient self-implementation tools and tiered support packages.  The approach leverages the Fox training management system’s robust aviation features (serving United Airlines, American Airlines, Boeing and other large entities) to support and optimize the special processes of airlines, flight schools, training centers, cabin crew and maintenance.

The new features that will be demonstrated at APATS were built for Fox’s dedicated solution for flight schools. They provide efficient systemized processes in the areas of aircraft and instructor dispatch and well as customer financial management. For flight dispatches and returns, Fox provides a daily flight management dashboard to easily allocate the relevant and available aircraft. It manages a flight log process — capturing pilot, cadet and flight details, aircraft issues and squawk information — to ensure safety and initiate maintenance events.  For finance and billing, Fox enables flight schools to customize pricing per customer, track training hours for billing, and oversee the entire payment process.

“Our new features save time, improve safety, enhance recordkeeping and ensure accurate billing,” said Miki Ringelhim, VP, Sales. “They complete the package in delivering a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for managing a flight school’s entire training operation.”

Visitors to Britannica’s APATS Booth 504 will be able to test Fox’s specialized solutions for airlines, flight schools, training centers, cabin crew and maintenance on either a tablet, cell phone or laptop. The booth will also feature an exciting airplane flying video game with the opportunity to win big prizes.

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