Fox Wins MS&T Industry Sim & Training Award for Innovation

September 5, 2017, London, England – Fox training optimization solutions by Britannica Knowledge Systems have won the “MS&T Industry Simulation & Training Awards” for innovation. MS&T (Military Simulation & Training) magazine is a leading defense training journal of over 30 years, and the awards, now in their 16th year, are widely recognized as a symbol of achievement for companies that provide militaries around the world with mission-supporting technologies.

Fox’s efficiency and optimization solutions are the first of their kind in the training scheduling and resource management industry. They enable training operations to do better with less by increasing training capacity and maximizing resources. Fox’s optimization solutions contain breakthrough proprietary tools for managing scheduling rules and preferences, planning, cost-driven scheduling, what-if scenarios and smart recovery.  They produce the highest level of valid scheduling and resource utilization efficiency by considering weighted rules, regulations, training design resources and personnel requirements, then automatically and adeptly building the most compliant, readiness-optimized, and cost-efficient training plans and schedules. Both the time to plan training and the training timeline are shortened and optimized.

In addition to optimizing daily defense force training, Fox’s solutions are vital to supporting training changes, such as the adoption of additional platforms or training centers. The solutions forecast utilization and throughput rates, maximizing efficiency and reducing time-to-operation. The optimization solutions are also critical in times of conflict and escalated REDCON levels. In those scenarios, they automatically eliminate training that has been predetermined as less critical, enabling command to send forces to combat faster.

Fox is currently in use at the CAE Dothan Training Center for U.S. Army and Air Force pilot training; the Royal Canadian Air Force; and the Israel Defense Forces.