Fox January 2020 Release Highlights

Tel Aviv, January 29, 2020– Britannica Knowledge Systems, developer of Fox – the leading Training and Readiness Management System in the aviation, defense and additional industries, has announced the availability of the latest software version 8.16 (January 2020).

The following are the main benefits:

Time Zone Support for Qualification Expiration
Qualifications are now verified on an hourly basis, regardless of time zone, resulting in 100% compliance. This prevents last-minute cancellations of training sessions due to an expired qualification, or a training session led by an instructor whose qualification has expired.

Event Duration
New design on the calendar of the brief and debrief sections for an event enables easier scheduling and results in higher resource utilization and time savings for the scheduler.

Feedback Form Changes
Improved functionality of the feedback form makes it is easier to use.

For Flight Schools – new planning, dispatching and evaluation features

– Scheduling all three training components – instructor, plane and trainee – from a single screen in just 4-5 clicks.

– Real-time access to aircraft check-outs, check-ins, squawks and maintenance information, enabling easy last-minute changes.

– Hobbs and Tach metrics update automatically at check-in. The system counts down to the pre-programmed maintenance schedule and shows the remaining # of hours on the wizard.

There are more developments in the pipeline for 2020, as we continually improve Fox, and add new features to bring more value to our customers.

If you’d like to discuss your training requirements with us or schedule a product demo, please get in touch!