Britannica Knowledge Systems Launches “Fox for Flight Schools”

Chicago, IL, July 16, 2019  Britannica Knowledge Systems has launched a new training management solution dedicated to the distinct business needs of flight schools. The solution, Fox for Flight Schools, leverages the Fox training management system’s robust aviation features (currently serving United Airlines, American Airlines, Boeing and other large entities) to support and optimize the special processes of flight schools.

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“We worked closely with flight schools to make sure that our comprehensive solution completely addressed their distinct needs.” said Asher Dagan, VP-Product & Marketing, Britannica Knowledge Systems. “We took Fox’s deep arsenal of features for optimizing training, enhanced them to best fit flight school needs, and added simple self-onboarding tools for quick and easy implementation.”

The dedicated solution ensures student/customer clarity and control over their training through real-time access to their progress, logbooks and schedules. It improves training quality through standardized processes for managing grading and qualification, dispatch and flight records, and training and learning. It also assures operational efficiency through systemizing and automating complicated manual processes such as scheduling, resource allocation and billing.

Fox’s market differentiators include advanced planning capabilities, flexible configuration and multiple hosting solutions. Flight schools use its advanced optimization tools to conduct long-term scheduling and resource planning based on forecasted demand. The solution is easily configured to match each school’s structure, naming conventions, processes and branding. Hosting is also flexible. Flight schools can use the cloud shared environment, a private cloud or on-premises installation.

The flight school solution is a component of Britannica’s recently launched its “Fox-for-All” approach, which combines a new user-friendly experience with cost-efficient self-implementation tools and tiered support packages. This approach has attracted many new customers in 2019, including Pobeda Airlines and Pacific Sky Aviation.

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