Royal Canadian Air Force Expands Fox’s Use

Ottawa, Canada, September 27, 2016 – The Royal Canadian Air Force’s Maritime Helicopter Program (MHP) has chosen to upgrade and adopt new functionality of the Fox training management platform by Britannica Knowledge Systems. As part of a Royal Canadian Air Force periodical technology refresh, the MHP determined to not only to upgrade to Fox’s latest version for scheduling and resource management, but to also adopt additional components for qualification, evaluation and task management.

Seeking richer operability and use of the latest technology, the MHP will convert to Fox Version 8 and add more enhanced process and output management capabilities. These additional Fox modules and services will deliver reliable certification/qualification management; improved trainee evaluation and feedback mechanisms; and automated and standardized training event task workflow management.

We appreciate the Canadian Air Force’s ongoing confidence in our innovative system, Fox,” said Miki Ringelhim, VP Business Development at Britannica Knowledge Systems. “We look forward to enhancing MHP’s training operations with wider capabilities to manage training more efficiently and effectively.”

Since 2008, the Fox Training Management System has been a significant component of the Royal Canadian Air Force Integrated Information Learning Environment (AFIILE), the standard suite of training tools mandated for use in all of its training programs.