Japan’s ANA Embarks on AQP with Fox

January 23, 2018, Tokyo, Japan – All Nippon Airways (ANA) Flight Operation Center is preparing to become the first airline outside of the U.S. to assure continual training and safety excellence using the FAA’s world-standard proficiency and evidence-based training program, Advanced Qualification Program (AQP). Britannica Knowledge Systems is providing the essential software and services to support this effort through the Fox Training Management System and its AQP-specialized technology.

The goal of AQP is to achieve the highest possible standards of individual and crew aviation training through proficiency-based methodologies. ANA chose to use Fox to manage their AQP program after a lengthy evaluation of the system’s capabilities and is now in the process of adopting Fox to oversee AQP qualification management and compliance under Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) supervision.

Through Fox, ANA has the tools for accurate AQP curriculum development and delivery based on trainee qualification status, role, and numerous other attributes with critical insights for proficiency and safety improvement. It manages ANA’s AQP performance-based scheduling requirements to ensure efficient and effective training planning and execution while scheduling all training. The comprehensive system also integrates with relevant flight training systems at ANA.

Fox is also ANA’s holistic training management system managing pilot qualifications, grading (online and offline on iPads), scheduling and recordkeeping.