Fox Training
Management System

Fox Training
Management System

Fox manages training, scheduling and operational readiness. Use Fox to optimize resource allocation, simplify complex scheduling tasks and to manage the complete lifecycle of qualification training.

Fox can also be used to build and deliver course curriculum, improve overall performance and ensure continuous monitoring of proficiency and readiness levels.

Design, schedule, execute, evaluate and monitor your training programs better with Fox!

Optimization Engine

Capture real-world complexities and create valid, feasible, and optimized schedules and plans with Fox’s unique algorithm-based optimization engine.

Planning & Scheduling

Simplify & automate complex scheduling tasks with Fox’s proprietary algorithms

Resource Management

Define & manage all resources (training devices, equipment, instructors…), characteristics & configurations

Grading & Evaluation

Define evaluation forms, grading scales & data entry validation to ensure accurate performance data collection

Qualification Management

Ensure personnel acquire & maintain the skills & certifications to perform their duties

Content Management

Consolidate all training content & documentation in a central location, eliminating duplication

Learning Tools

Launch different types of content and courseware, publish course catalogs, and easily generate tests and feedback forms

Reporting & Analytics

Analyze performance to identify possible training issues before they occur

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Fox's hybrid algorithms & heuristics produce the highest achievable level of valid scheduling efficiency, for training optimization.
Increase operational
Improve training delivery and effectiveness
Ensure optimal proficiency and readiness

Fox is built with a modular, microservices architecture that can be customized for solutions of any size and complexity, to meet specific requirements.

Using the latest tools and technologies, it integrates easily with other enterprise software and can be implemented quickly.

Fox is regularly updated by our team of developers to ensure it meets the changing needs of our customers.

We work closely with our customers and carry out frequent assessments to recognize new demands as they arise.

With many successful implementations worldwide, our team provides turnkey solutions to ensure that customers capitalize on the full value of Fox’s offering, and helps maximize the success and return on investment of Fox’s implementation.

In addition, our experts can help install and configure Fox for faster and more successful onboarding. We can support the full project lifecycle, or deliver an array of standalone professional services in the following areas: AQP/ATQP services for airlines and training providers, consulting, implementation, training, hosting (SaaS),  support and maintenance.

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