Improving the Mobile Experience with ‎Release 8.26‎

When in the field, evaluating trainees, would we bring a laptop? Not likely. Fortunately, we can now choose between the tablets and mobile phones that suit our purpose best. Mobiles are now the primary device for evaluators, enabling them to record real-time results in various conditions in a variety of locations.

Use of mobile devices opens many questions about security for the organization. Fortunately, Fox’s mobile app is fully secure with strong user authentication, as security is of top concern. All required safeguards are buit-in with compliance to GDPR and ISO standards.

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Fox in Release 8.26

Fox’s evaluation app efficiently captures and evaluates indoor and outdoor training, simulations and other graded performance metrics for the analysis of individual and group-based training, and the issuance of professional certifications and qualifications. Since Fox users need a more responsive experience on their mobile devices, we’ve enhanced Fox in Release 8.26. Some of the online enhancements include:

  • User can print evaluation forms from the web interface, for up to two users on the same form, even if the form has not been completed
  • The online form now supports digital signatures
  • To enable better visibility on small and medium-sized mobile devices, users can now use evaluation forms in Landscape orientation



In addition, a new Event Details window includes accessible event information for participants and managers.

Event Window 1


The offline enhancements include:

  • Users can now evaluate 4 trainees simultaneously in the Fox TMS app
  • For evaluations occurring with poor lighting conditions, users can now choose Dark mode

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